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How to use it to precisely on eyes? What are the subtleties of eye makeup ? All questions that we know the answers.
Perfect eyeliner does not smudge , makes an exquisite line that emphasizes eye color and is easy to apply . Before I give you a few suggestions of perfect eyeliner , here are some tips for using them :

To give depth to the look before you put eye shadow , you need to outline the contours of the eye ( as close to the lashes ) with a black or dark brown pencil. Then contour spread lightly with a flat brush .
There are two basic ways to use eyeliner : The inner edge of the eye – preferably with large eyes , but can be used in bright eyes to enhance their color , or on the upper and lower eyelids , eyelashes to themselves .

If you draw a light pencil inside corner of the eye, will make them more expressive . Or place a small dot of white shadow in the inner corner of each eye – so you look more distant.
To extend the round eyes , apply on top of the eyelids very thin pencil line and bottom dark matte shadows and the upper lighter.
When bulging eyes use eyeliner and dark shadows. Pencil is applied to the eyelid and then distributed throughout the bottom half.

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