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Okay, now that you’ve given your beauty cupboard a good old fashioned spring clean, it’s time to make sure you’re putting the products you did keep to good use, and that means mastering the makeup basics. It’s so easy to fall into a beauty rut when you’re repeating the same old routine every day, and unless you’re a professional makeup artist, then it stands to reason that you have gaps in your makeup knowledge that could do with some filling (mine are entirely centered around applying eye-shadow — it just never works!).

Every gal worth her mascara wand should be able to master these makeup styles at some point in her life — especially because they can all be mixed and matched to always give you a completely flawless look no matter the amount of drama you’re going for. Sure, they may take a little bit of practice (although we’ve found the most straight forward how-tos around!), and the first few times you might find yourself looking a bit like the Joker, but hey — that’s what makeup remover is for. So schedule in a couple of nights to stay home and practice your beauty game, and prepare to emerge from your hibernation as a perfectly made up butterfly.

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