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If you’re planning to stay totally on trend this season, you’ll need to know how to wear a leather skirt. From the runways of Prada to the streets of New York City, these little numbers have been popping up everywhere. And whether you consider yourself unapologetically edgy or fearlessly feminine, you can rock a supple leather skirt –hard. Here are some of the top ways to wow ‘em, ladies!

1.Pick out a smooth, well-fitted black skirt. Choose one with a hemline that stops a few inches short of the knee.

2.Pair the skirt with a well-fitted black shirt or thin sweater. It can be short sleeve, long sleeve, or sleeveless, depending on your mood, body type and season.

3.Don some black pumps or heeled boots.

4.Finish the outfit with some “tough” looking accessories. A studded belt or bracelet complements the theme without going too overboard.

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