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I tried to create a list of clothes in my closet that are necessary. I think that regardless of age, lifestyle and profession this base in each of us should be similar. Every modern and well-dressed woman must have them in her wardrobe.


Jeans are the singularly most frustrating item of clothing because no one cut is as magical as those four spunky Traveling Pants sisters would like us to believe. Still, it’s worth hunting down a pair that hugs you in all the places you want them to, has the right amount of stretch for your needs, and is the wash of your dreams. Because the minute you do find a pair that makes you feel like your lower half is the eighth world wonder, you’ll look in the mirror and just know. These are magic pants. Even if they’re expensive (though they don’t have to be) they’re a staple, a classic, and totally worth it for as many times as you can wear them without them stretching awkwardly or the seams giving out.


With a cut suitable for our body. Indispensable to feel comfortable every day. Ideal for sports shoes and sweatshirts when we’re going for a walk with the dog, and in combination with a shirt and high-heeled shoes, they become part of an elegant outfit.

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