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More than two years after the Olympic Games were held here, dozens of impossibly accomplished and finely-tuned bodies were back in town Tuesday for the full-contact sport of underwear strutting.

For the first time, Victoria’s Secret brought its annual flagship lingerie show from New York to London’s Earls Court. Despite the Anglo setting, this was not a prim and proper affair.

The show that’s regularly hailed as the sexiest on earth saw the sculpted physiques of more than 40 models (known as Angels) sashay down the catwalk. The strides were of the long, bounding, gazelle-like variety as the Angels navigated more than 100 feet of glittery runway.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is being produced by Done and Dusted with Executive Producers Edward G. Razek, Monica Mitro and Ian Stewart and Director Hamish Hamilton.

Victoria’s Secret has revealed a sneak peek of the looks for the London catwalk show which took place today  2 December. The lingerie supremos have released sketches of what the costume themes will be, and it’s set to be a night to remember.

The event will appear on CBS Dec. 9 at 10 p.m. ET.

Photos: Reuters

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