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It’s essential to learn how to properly layer clothing despite the season. Utilizing what I like to call the “Layering Concept” will provide you with the proper layering techniques needed for creating a variety of stylish outfits. The layering concept is not as complex as you may think, by simply combing a variety of wardrobe staples you can create a fashion-forward statement as displayed here.


In order to create a strong first impression in everyday life, it’s vital to understand how to complement your figure in a way that is flattering. The easiest way in my opinion is layering separates for a look that’s both classic and subtle without looking over worked.


Layering can become monochromaticas some might utilize one color palette rather than experimenting with a bolder color or texture that could lead to a richer and more interesting arrangement. A key thing to remember before you begin to add color, you will want to add the darker color underneath and the statement color on top, by doing so you create a sleek silhouette.

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