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One Shopping website that I really like is SaboSkirt.com. Sabo Skirt is registered in Australia and has a wide selection of designer clothing and accessories. Each design is affordable, fashionable and can be styled different ways that can cross over seasons and create new trends. Sabo Skirt keeps up with the current trends so you are the trendiest you can be.


I think their visuals are on key, especially on the main opening page, and it is similar to a book cover; it prepares you for what’s inside and what the collection will look like.

The above first picture is the sites main page and it prepares the customer for florals and bright colors for the upcoming spring/summer 2013 season. Brights and florals were predicted to be a trend and it is seen throughout the designer brands and accessories. Not only does Sabo Skirt show a range of different colors, but also a huge range of different silhouettes, styles and details that cater to different types of customers.

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