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Though we’re emotionally ready for warmer weather, let’s face it: our legs haven’t seen the sunshine in months. That’s why we love maxi skirts and dresses! They’re a great springtime option because they’re flirty and flowy—yet they efficiently hide pale winter legs that aren’t quite ready to be in the spotlight. Here are some of our favorite maxi-length looks this season.

A timeless classic that never dates, these skirts have a place in every woman’s wardrobe, even if just for evening. And no matter your height, you can wear this skirt well. Choosing the right fabric, matching it with a pretty top and picking complementary shoes are all key to looking great in a maxi skirt.

Photo Credit: Pinterest, Polyvore, Louren Conrad


Try the skirt on under good lighting before buying. Walk in it, swish around in it and see if it feels comfortable first. If you’re tripping up, it’s too long. Then check how it looks in the mirror––the more streamlined styles will be the most flattering, while the flouncy Bohemian styles can add weight and don’t flatter all figures.

  • The texture of the fabric will affect the suitability of the skirt for your figure type. Try on maxi skirts in different fabrics to find the fabric you think looks best or drapes well on you.
  • Just as pleats on shorter skirts don’t work for all figure types, pleated maxi skirts may not suit your figure type. Don’t despair, just try a different style of maxi skirt instead.

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