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We are obsessed with French women’s style… I always have been and as I age (hopefully) gracefully I continue to look to their style for inspiration.  It’s effortless, it’s with out flash and flare and it’s always, always beautiful.  But have you ever really truly asked yourself how you can dress like a French woman? If you have (or haven’t)… here are my tips!

Don’t play humble. French women look good because they believe in themselves as being the most stylish and elegant women in the world. It’s a touch arrogant but it works.

  • You have faults? We all do. However, the secret for French women is not only to not care less but to accentuate the fault as a beauty feature. You can only do so when you feel confident about who you are inside. So get your confidence on and love every part of yourself!


1.  a beautiful blouse 2. a structured coat 3. simple black flat 4. amazing pump! 5. pretty scarf 6. a bold red lip 7. leopard bag 8. skinny black pants

Buy quality clothing. Rather than spreading your clothing budget across as many items as possible, spend it sparingly on one to two quality items as you can afford them, perhaps each season. French women don’t wear dowdy clothing, they abhor cheap fabric and they prefer stylish classics over faddish styles.

  • Even your exercise clothes should be well tailored and tidy in appearance.
  • A little nod to fashion is fine––don’t be a fashion victim though. Know and stick with your own defining style.



1: “Gold/Red Ring” Macys.com $25 // 2: “Oasis Stripe Top” Debenhams.com $30 // 3: “LP Clutch” Nordstrom.com $48 // 4: “Leith Tube Skirt” Nordstrom.com $38 // 5: “Grace Peep-toe Bootie” 2BStores.com $40


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