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Inspired by the luxurious sophistication of European style, the Misha Collection woman is daring and strong, with a charismatic smile and alluring sense of self.  The New Chic, as the collection is called, draws its strength from the mantra of “simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication”.

The collection has pared back the colour scheme to black and white, and allowed the cut of the material to do the talking. Several pieces caught my eye; a lace, high necked, sleeveless sheath dress, a stylish long sleeved dress with long extensions to the back inspired by men’s tailcoats and a beautiful little double breasted coat-dress. Each perfect for the Aussie winter. Which, lets face it, isn’t all that cold.

The beauty of the collection is that it would suit a number of different figures. A thinner girl would look gorgeous in a bodycon, keyhole halter number, whilst a lace two piece would be the perfect fit for a girl that has the curves to work that look.


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