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Wedding attire can vary from black tie to casual, making deciding what to wear very tricky. Read this article to learn how to determine what’s appropriate for the wedding you’re attending.

Read the invitation. Wedding invitations should specify the dress code (casual, semiformal, formal), and will give you other key information like the location and time of day.

  • Most weddings are contemporary, meaning that women should wear knee-length or longer cocktail dresses, and men should wear suits and ties.
  • Black tie weddings call for floor-length gowns for women and tuxedos for men. Cocktail dresses may also be appropriate if they are dressy enough. Be sure to wear elegant jewelry like pearls, diamonds or other jewels to dress up your ensemble.
  • If the wedding is casual, women can wear simple or day dresses, or dress pants or a skirt with a nice top if they prefer. Men should wear dress pants and a shirt.

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