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Can being inspired by an impressionist artist lead to impressionist dresses? That was the question for Georges Hobeika, whose sparkly gowns were brought to us by the father of impressionism, Claude Monet.

The fascination with the Belle Époque this season has been one of the ongoing themes of Fall 2014 couture. Perhaps it’s the return to a more stratified world, perhaps it’s the 100 anniversary of WWI causing designers to think back to that time before technology.

What amused me more about these “impressionist” dresses was the use of these petals appliques forming dresses that seemed to meld together into a pattern the further away you were from them.

But it wasn’t all fun and fabric games. Quite a bit of it was startlingly old fashioned silhouettes, sometimes in very old fashioned heavy fabrics.

Other outfits came complete with “mini-me” dresses for the child being taken to the dinner party. In the time before teenagers, this was more of a thing than it is nowadays. But I’m sure there are starlets who still wouldn’t mind having their offspring dyed to match.

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