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New Year’s Eve traditionally inspires in us a sense of hopeful optimism mixed with a dose of lofty expectations. This year, try something that goes beyond vowing to look like Kim Kardashian in a bikini or learn a new language for the vacation you’re taking in July.

Think of 2015 as your very own episode of What Not To Wear; get rid of the old and outmoded, take a few fashion risks, and vow never to fall back on your old hoarding habits. As for the rules? Leave it to us; you’re in good hands.

 Stop Pretending Exercise Gear is Real Clothing

We’ve all been guilty of this at least once, even if it’s just a quick stop into Organic Avenue after a spin class, or picking up the dry cleaning on the way to the gym. If a garment is more than 50 percent spandex, it should stay relegated to the gym. If the decision of what to wear in the morning keeping is you from dressing like a refined person, try this quick equation: colorful shift dress + classic belt + nude heels = done.

 Try One of 2015’s Favorite Colors

Radiant Orchid isn’t going to be everyone’s shade of choice, but the Fall/Winter 2014 and Spring 2015 runways were bursting with innovative new shades to shake up your wardrobe. Even if your comfort zone is oatmeal or black and gray, a pop of color here and there won’t hurt you — and might even grant you a few double-takes from friends and colleagues. Pantone informs us that Dazzling Blue and the warm, peach-adjacent Cayenne are also hot for 2015, along with softer shades like the light gray Paloma. Instead of a Little Black Dress, try a Little Gray Dress. And if a red blouse is on your wish list but just out of your comfort zone, try one in the less ostentatious Cayenne shade.

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