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In our new personal style series, find out where your affinity for fashion fits in.

1) Isabel Marant is not a designer, but a lifestyle. You’ve spent entire paychecks on pieces from her eponymous collection (her 2010 Spring runway was your version of fashion porn) and stood in line with the masses to nab her sought-after collaboration with H&M. When in doubt you ask, “What would Isabel wear?”

2) Your favorite colors are tie dye, paisley, floral and suzani.

Photo: Courtesy of Valentino

3) The major fringe comeback for Spring 2014 is thrilling for you—and your bank account. You’re simply dusting off your lifetime collection of fringed bags, skirts and jackets with an I-told-you-so smile.

4) Your enduring style icon is, and always will be, Kate Moss. Talitha Getty wins for posthumous spirit animal.

Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

5) Admittedly, your style icon of the aughts was Sienna Miller. (You also brazenly cut bangs after seeing Alfie.)

Photos: GETTY, Google Images

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