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These beauties nail ‘pale and interesting’ – because fake tan isn’t for everyone, is it?

English roses take note; when your skin looks perfect porcelain (‘washed out’ never rained on Emma’s parade) embrace it. As she proves, less is much more.

While Emma has naturally blonde hair, she describes her colouring as that of a redhead, so faking a tan can be a mistake. Her fair skin tone looks better gently kissed by bronzer – not a bottle of Sun Shimmer.

Jennifer looks gorgeous whatever the weather but she doesn’t need to fake a tan. Her creamy complexion suits her fair colourings and being bronze – although she glows well – doesn’t look as chic.

Being a beach blonde idol doesn’t mean that an LA tan suits Gwyneth. In fact it can look ageing and makes her hair appear brassy. We favour her skin milky, spiced up with brick red lips.

Khloe has two go-to looks; LA glamour girl with day-glow golden skin and brown sugar lips, or vintage vamp with a pale palette against blood red lips. Both hot, one decidedly cooler.

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