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You know when famous celebs try to be down to earth and are like, “You know, people are so unaware of how fake this industry is; All of the makeup, good lighting, photoshop, no one really looks as beautiful as they seem.” Then you see the celebrity without makeup and you’re like, “Ummmmmm, but you do look like that. Am I an actual monster?” There’s no denying that people whose job it is to be in front of a camera probably look a certain way.

Tyra Banks



Celebrities are a perfect storm of features that just look good in photographs and on film. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating that kind of beauty as long as we’re open to celebrating other kinds of beauty. Yes, they woke up like this. Yes, the rest of us woke up like that. It’s all good.

Kim Kardashian

The barefaced beauty is still stunning sans makeup. But when you add a soft makeup look along with some cascading Old Hollywood curls, Kim Kardashian looks like a bona fide movie star.

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