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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have brought Sydney CBD to a standstill.

The Hollywood power couple caused a stir when they stepped out on the red carpet at Sydney’s State Theatre this afternoon for the premiere of Jolie’s new movie Unbroken.

It is the first official appearance for the couple since they tied the knot in France on August 23.

Jolie, who directed the movie which was shot in Australia, looked stunning in a vintage-style strapless Gucci mermaid gown featuring lace detailing while Pitt was dapper in a stylish suit.

The pair arrived ahead of the stars of Unbroken to spend more time with fans on the red carpet, and Pitt wasted no time taking selfies with fans who had waited up to 12 hours for them to arrive.

Burns survivor Turia Pitt and her partner Michael Hoskin were among the Australian heroes who were invited to walk the red carpet alongside Jolie and Pitt and be the first to see the film.

The local heroes such as Turia Pitt, war hero Damien Thomlinson and Pink Hope founder Krystal Barter, were given the star treatment as they attended the biggest Australian film premiere of the year.

Unbroken tells the true story of Olympian and World War II war hero Louis Zamperini (played by actor Jack O’Connell) who survives for 47 days at sea in a raft, only to be captured by the Japanese navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.

Jolie said she was privileged to have been able to share the film with Zamperini before he died in July.

“He didn’t watch it as a critic. What made me know it was right is he had an emotional reaction to it,” Jolie told Seven News on the red carpet.

“To seeing his mother again, to seeing his brother, to remembering the races, to seeing Phil – and as a man of faith he was preparing himself to die and see them again.

“It was this gentle, beautiful quiet moment and I felt very privileged to be reflecting on his life.”

After spending months shooting the film in Sydney and Queensland, the 39-year-old said she and Pitt, 50, had talked about making Australia a “second base” to make more movies Down Under in the future.

“I think we will back for more films. I have been talking about a few films lately and we talk about Australia, could we shoot it there?,” Jolie said.

“It was such a great place to shoot, such great people, such great crews.

“My children love it here. We would like it to be a second base and were we bring more of our art.”

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