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1. Foundation First: If you use foundation first, you will notice that there will be little need to use so much concealer on the problem areas, whereas using it first and then applying the foundation means you’ll be smudging much of it off.

2. Replacing Concealer: If you notice that you have run out of concealer but do have liquid foundation, place a small dot of the latter over the pimple, wait until it dries out a little so it reaches concealer consistency and then blend it in with the skin. If you do it too soon, you will only be rubbing it off.

3. Each Concealer is Different: If you have bluish under-eye circles, use a pink or peach-toned concealer, while a tallow-toned concealer works to even out the skin tone as a whole and the green is used to cover up red spots and blemishes.

4. Triangles Instead of Dots or Lines: Normally you hear that instead of putting dots under the eyes when applying concealer, you should do horizontal or diagonal lines, ensuring you get every part of the skin necessary. However, an even better hack is to draw a triangle, lightly fill it in, and then smudge it to even out the complexion. This brings the focus to the eyes as it’s like a flashlight shown over your skin.

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