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During my stay in Brazil, not only did I get to experience local beauty rituals from messy manicures to sculpting massages and hair burning, but I also got to meet a few local beauties. Namely Fabiana Gomes, the senior makeup artist of M·A·C Brazil and a style icon in her own right, known for her signature red (M·A·C Ruby Woo) lip. Gomes is about all things beauty, and all things Brazil, so naturally we had to have a chat.

What are the makeup trends happening in Brazil right now?

Nowadays, vibrant, colorful, bold lips are a must in Brazil. We switched from nude shades to a bubble gum pink shade and now our red retro matte textured Ruby Woo lipstick is the absolute king.

What does every Brazilian woman have in her makeup bag?

Brazilian’s survival makeup kit involves powder for touch-ups, a black eyeliner pencil, mascara, blush, and always lipstick.


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