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You know those women who can put on a full face in minutes—on the subway or stopped at a red light? Tyra Banks is one of them. “When I first started modeling, I’d complain to my mom that I didn’t have cheekbones like Christy Turlington’s, and she was like, ‘Girl, paint them on,'” says the America’s Next Top Model host. Banks learned to do just that, turning herself into something of a makeup savant by studying techniques from her mom and the best backstage pros. “I got so good that girls like Heidi Klum were lining up for me to do their makeup at fashion shows!” This month, Banks translates her know-how into a namesake beauty line that makes it easy for all of us to get gorgeous. We followed her into the back seat to witness her products—and skills—in action. Take a look….

Start With Eyeshadow
“The first thing I do is sweep a brown shadow stick along my top and bottom lashes. I just slap it on—the messier, the better. Then I smudge the heck out of it with my finger. I’ll get up into the creases if I want more depth and definition. But do your eyes in a safe zone like a bathroom or at your desk before getting into a moving car.” Tyra Tip: “If you’re extra pressed for time, try using a specific finger for each product so you don’t need to wipe it off every second.”

The Products

From left: Eyes in a Stick in Once You Go Brown, $24, Oops Liner in Blackblackblack, $26, Sculpt in a Stick in Deep, $24, Light in a Stick in Sinsational City, $26, and What Lipstick? in Ask for a Raise, $28, all at tyra.com.

Photos: Tyra Banks for Glamour Magazine

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