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When it comes to effortless ways to jazz up a boring ensemble, jewelry always tops the list. From friendship wrap bracelets to jewel encrusted cuffs, there is never an excuse to leave the house with a naked wrist.

No Arm Party is the same and we love the variety. Eclectic collections of stretch bracelets, charms, bangles and chains make every Arm Party as unique as the individual. It’s a creative statement of colours, cuffs, and sparkle any jewelry fanatic can appreciate. There is personality behind every Arm Party.

Our recent shipment from Massachusetts based designer duo, “Sisco and Berluti”, means our Arm Parties are gonna get just a little heavier. Oh well.


Fitting any wrist, Sisco and Berluti is the perfect addition to your ever growing collection. Below are Violette’s steps to hosting a successful Arm Party.

Start with a base metal: Gold or Silver. Arm Parties are more cohesive if you don’t mix metals, but really, you know, there’s no wrong Arm Party.

Next, add a variety of dimensions to your Arm Party. We love cuffs stacked with bangles and a 1:2 (or 3, or 4, or 5!) ratio is perfect. The base metal you’ve chosen works best within bold accents or watches.

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