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Kim Kardashian Was Assaulted By Gigi’s Attacker

Kim Kardashian was just assaulted in the streets of Paris from the same guy who grabbed and tried to pick up Gigi Hadid while she was trying to get to her car during Milan Fashion Week. Watch the full video here: The name of the prankster is Vitalii Sediuk and he is known for accosting […]

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Gigi Hadid Elbows An Attacker In Milan

Gigi and her sister Bella Hadid are in Milan for the  Fashion Week and were leaving the Max Mara show earlier today, which they took part in, when a man, believed to be internet prankster Vitalii Sediuk, grabbed Gigi taking her by surprise and forcing her to fight him off. At that point Bella screamed to free her sis, […]