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Top 15 Breathtaking Eye Makeup Tutorials

You need some Valentine’s day beauty inspiration? Check out our Top 15 Eye Makeup Tutorials by mrs_akaeva that will make you absolutely gorgeous for your hot date or a night out with your girls!


Hottest Hairstyles That You Can Do Yourself This Summer

Summer is fast approaching- it’s already  May, wasn’t it March like, last week? We want to begin preparing and practicing new and flirty hairstyles for summertime fun! The less work, the better is typically the motto for summer styles, as with the heat we never want to spend too much time fussing with hot tools. […]


Flirty Ponytail For Valentine’s Day

A ponytail is the most universal of all hair styles, but in the last few seasons is more fashionable than ever. This hairstyle is always a good choice when you don’t have much time to make your hair because it is easy to make, requires little styling time, and keeps your hair in place without […]