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Date Night Hair: The Perfect Low Bun

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a romantic effortless hairstyle! Visit LuxyHair

Celebrity Hair

Stunning Christmas and New Year’s Eve Hairstyles

Your party outfit is stylish and hot, so you need a breathtaking hairstyle to match. This year we are getting holiday hairstyle inspirations from the red carpet and we’ve put together a selection of the best hairstyles for you –  from plaits to vintage waves, and everything in-between. Click through the gallery to see these sophisticated and […]

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10+ Romantic Hairstyles For Fall

Fall is officially here and the perfect chance to try out something new! And what better way to transform yourself and go into the new season, than trying a new hairstyle that you can do yourself at home! For the best tips and advices in terms of the perfect romantic hairstyle for fall we turn […]

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The Duchess of Cambridge Signature Hairstyles

The Duchess of Cambridge is famous for her glorious, thick, shiny locks. The royal is known for her perfect blowouts and wearing her long luxurious locks down for formal and sporting appearances. But Kate has also opted for a half-up, half-down and gorgeous sophisticated updos over the years. Check out our the most signature hairstyles and some […]


Greek Goddess Inspired Hairstyles

The words beautiful and attractive come to mind instantly whenever one hears the name Grecian, and that is no wonder because this has been a characteristic attached to Grecians since ancient times, when Grecian Goddesses were considered among the most beautiful women in the world. Find out how you can style your hair to look […]

Bridal Hair

Bridal Beauty: Wedding hairstyles 101

Whether you’re getting married, being a bridesmaid or simply the guest of honour at a wedding this year, we’ve got the perfect wedding hairstyles for you – from classic up-dos to Boho down-dos. This twisted, low up-do will work on any hair colour, at any age. Taken from the Dior show, the style is side-parted […]