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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is a beautiful time of year, but let’s be honest here: It can also be stressful if you have a million things to do and people to see and gifts to prepare. Don’t forget that this time of the year is NOT only for buying presents for the ones you love and care, but to treat […]


The French-Girl Beauty Essentials

We’ve looked to French women for inspiration in fashion, beauty for as long as we can remember. Gorgeous hair, perfect skin, beautiful figures and killer confidence. They are beautiful in a way that is both effortless and mysterious, we can’t help but wonder: How do they do it? From skincare to makeup, these are the products […]

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Sarah Jessica Parker Launched Her New Fragrance ‘Stash’

The 51-year-old Sex And The City star launched her new fragrance, ‘Stash’ yesterday in New York city, looking amazingly stylish, as usual, in a black floaty dress. She started her foray in the cosmetics world with the gorgeous scent ‘Lovely’ back in 2005. Speaking to MailOnline, she said: “We started working on this ten years ago, right […]


How and Where To Apply Fragrance Effectively

Nothing is more evocative of time and place than scent. The right fragrance can complement any outfit. Fashion-savvy women should be sure to choose great fragrances for every occasion. Remember that the right perfume can make a positive first impression on friends, family members, and business associates. It’s the thing to finishes off your outfit, even if it’s […]


Have a Scent- Sensual Valentine’s Day

1. Moisturize. One of the best ways to give your scent staying power is to apply perfume to freshly moisturized skin. Try spritzing yourself when you get out of the shower, after slathering yourself in a fragrance-free body lotion. You can also apply a lightweight face cream, like L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power Deep-Acting Moisturizer, […]