Sexism Has Taken Over The Ad Industry

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Even the ads in the street are ready to assault you with sexism, it was that way back then and it still is strongly going on today. Both men and women are objectified in advertising, but it’s much worse for the ladies. A video pairs some egregious examples of sexist advertising with sarcastic remarks from women exposed to them. From sandwiches to pick-up trucks and clothing – it’s as pervasive as to be everywhere. The project video encourages discussion by using #WomenNotObjects hashtag and start calling out sexism in selling. Unfortunately, you most likely won’t have to look far to find an example.

Check out some of the disturbing photos and watch the video below. Let us know your thoughts.


“The difference in how the bodies of men and women are portrayed is by the face-to-body proportions. For men, a “face-ism” bias exists, whereby men’s heads and faces are shown in greater detail than they are for women,” research by Jennifer Stevens Aubrey .





Also click through the gallery to see more vintage adverts that show how sexist and offensive the advertising industry really was (and still is).


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