Leo Spent 5 Hours Every Day, Getting His Makeup Done For The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio is finally on his way of winning his first Oscar for The Revenant, something he deserves just because of the fact that he had to spend up to five hours every day to have his makeup applied.


A new photo has surfaced on the internet showing Leo sitting patiently with makeup artist Duncan Jarman who is recreating the horrific wounds and makes Leo’s body look as realistically hurt as possible.


Jarman had gathered historical information about the wounds that Glass had so that the effect looked as true to life as possible and as you can see  the end result is extremely realistic. The team were told the prosthetic wounds would have to ‘bleed’ realistically and be able to be stitched closed in the same take. They made several smaller cuts to apply to Leo’s face and a large deep ones, which can be seen running down the side of his head.



There was a silicone neck applied that could bubble and bleed as well as wig lace that was inserted into the ‘wound’ so it could be stitched back together during a scene in which one of Hugo’s mates very roughly sews his open wounds up with a needle and thread.


Leo recently picked up a Best Actor Golden Globe award for his role as Hugo Glass, receiving an Oscar nomination as well. We keep our fingers crossed, Leo!


Photos: REX, 20th Century Fox

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Written by Jasmine Gill

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