How To Diet Like A Fashion Girl

Skip the frappucino.

Creamy coffee drinks are the fast track to loads of extra calories. So master the art of the satisfying, low-cal caffeine boost. My order: Vanilla almond milk latte. My friends’: One third coffee with steamed soy milk, no foam.

Get into breakfast.

I’ve learned that eating breakfast everyday and taking my time is very productive.


Eat often, and in small portions.

Eat every few hours, and pretty much whatever they’re craving. Never eat giant heaping Applebee’s-size portions.

Become a modified sandwich artist.

Don’t eat bread, and get creative with rice cake stackers. A regular lunch might be rice cakes topped with goat cheese, tomato and black pepper, or turkey, cucumber and mustard. A good healthy-person PB&J is a rice cake smeared with almond butter and topped with sliced bananas.


Don’t fear carbs.

Embrace cooking dinner. Just makes sure to use healthy, whole ingredients where you can. Think homemade pasta for bolognese, or steamed fish and veggies, or grilled shrimp tacos with whole wheat tortillas.


Don’t give up your sins.

Me and my friends are not heavy drinkers, but we’ll still have a cocktail when we’re out. I love Johnny Walker Black and soda, a drink I picked up from my days living in Nashville.

Rethink snacking.

Carrot sticks and Greek yogurt aren’t your only options. Oatmeal is the secret to everything. For breakfast or an afternoon snack, have a McCains individual packet, or Quaker Low Sugar Instant Oatmeal in the Maple Brown Sugar flavor, which only has 120 calories. It’s hearty and healthy and leaves you full and satiated. Other options: Pita chips with hummus, Special K Blueberry Cereal Bars, trail mix, apples, and oranges.


Be careful when eating out.

I go out for work. A lot. The thing is, I don’t tend to eat too much while doing it. The idea is that we’re there to work, not to eat, and people aren’t usually watching what we’re eating. I’ll have a few bites, then eat together after the event. Sushi, or chicken and fish at home. (And yes they eat regular sushi, not just sashimi. I don’t like raw fish without rice. Eat out by process of elimination. Any dish the contains bad ingredients is out, until one is left with the least number of offenders.

No foods are off limits.

I like potato chips and French fries with mayo. I don’t like to deprive myself of anything that makes me feel good. And like every normal girl I love a sweet treat. LOVE birthday cake ice cream in a chocolate covered cone with rainbow sprinkles. Got that?


Photos: Courtesy of KRISTINA BAZAN

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