A Woman Gets A $10K Brazilian Butt Lift To Look Like Kim Kardashian

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Marlene Chinea spends $10,000 to have 4lbs of fat injected into her bum, so she can look like her idol Kim Kardashian – after squatting 300 times A DAY apparently failed to give her the desired result.


She had injected four pounds of fat into her backside to make it bigger. She decided to undergo the dramatic procedure after years of attempting to naturally boost her asset with no results.

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 After the procedure was done and none of her old jeans and shorts fit anymore, she decided to treat herself to news clothes, inspired by Kim Kardashian.


She said: ‘I’ve done lots of shopping to replace my wardrobe. Clothes for the most part have to be high waisted.

‘I was so excited with my new body that I was sure to buy outfits that Kim K would wear. I bought a couple of bodysuits and pencil skirts like she’s always wearing.’



She also had a breast augmentation in 2012 now she says she doesn’t plan to have any more surgery and she is completely happy with her body.


She said to Daily Mail: ‘As of right now, I will enjoy my new body before adding any other surgeries. I had mixed emotions about the procedure. I was excited, anxious, nervous, happy and scared all at the same time. But ultimately, I was ready to have the body I wanted. I believe that my results would never have been achieved by exercise simply because of my anatomy.’

The procedure was done out by one of Florida’s most popular plastic surgeons Michael Salzhauer, mostly known as ‘Dr.Miami’.


Photos: Caters News Agency, REX

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