What You Don’t Know About The Duchess

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The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most photographed faces on the planet, but there some things for her that you might don’t know. Today, January 9th, is a special day for Kate – her 34th birthday, keep reading to find out 14 things you don’t know about her before and after her fairytale wedding.


1.Her nickname for Prince William is reportedly Big Willie.


2. At 29, she was the oldest royal bride in British history.



3. She is related to George Washington, they are cousins eight times removed.


4. Her engagement ring was actually Prince Harry’s, he looked after it following Diana’s death but handed it over to his brother when he discovered that he planned to propose.
 5. She spent her wedding night at Buckingham Palace, breaking the tradition that royal couples leave London after their wedding.
6. She owns a sausage maker and likes to make strawberry jam and plum preserves as gifts.
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