The Super Models of the 90s: Then and Now

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In the 90s, there was nothing more glamorous than being a supermodel. It was the most lavish lifestyle you could imagine.

The supermodel era started very suddenly, and it all ended pretty fast too – Time magazine declared 1998 the end of the supermodel era and they were right. Look at the faces below and we are pretty sure you will recognize most of them if not all. Now how many of today’s fashion faces can you recognize – not so many, right!  It was definitely a different time – an  era of wealth and really smoking hot models.


Check out the hottest models of the 90’s – how do they look now, and how well have they aged? Some of them are successful business women and truly an inspiration to look up to.


Cindy Crawford 


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Written by Carolina Calisto

The only thing I love more than spending all of my money on clothes is having a karaoke night with my colleagues. Neither are very good for my social life.When not doing either of these things, you'll most likely find me abroad, posting pictures of my feet on the beach or my cocktail in a pineapple.