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Fashion is full of so many rules, guidelines, do’s-and-dont’s, and trends. One of the latest trend and most challenging one, seen on the fall runways, is mixing patterns. Here are some tips to mix fashion patterns like a fashion blogger, without looking like you got dressed in the dark.


Bold and beautiful patterns with everything from stripes and plaids, to floral and animal prints. At first look it all seems a bit crazy, but if you pay attention to the base colors, you will see that they are actually analogous or complimentary colors; nothing random here.


Photo: Thakoon Winter 2015 Collection

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

1.Keep your fabrics in the same color family.

2.Pair mixed prints with neutrals for an easy vibe.



To be extra cool this season you should let your inner child explore, because the only thing that is letting normcore exist is not having the courage to have fun with fashion by being too concerned with the judgements of others!

mix 3

Photo: Atlantic-Pacific BlogSpot

mix 6

Photo: Thakoon Winter 2015 Collection

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Photos: Pinterest, REX

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Written by Michelle Forest

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