Summer Obsession: How to Wear Head to Toe White

We’re seeing the head-to-toe white look everywhere and are happy to report that the trend is much easier to execute than you might think.

What could be more desirable for summer than crisp clean white, dazzling in the sun or framed by a blue sky? What’s more to the point is that when you go pristine for 2016, you’ll be reflecting a trend that’s been embraced by designers and taken up by celebrities.


Edge a silk dress with filigree, or go for all-over lace. If that’s too revealing – and let’s face it, we’re not talking red carpets – wear it over a cream, coffee or pink lining, or pull on a vest. Hop into some filigree shorts and imitation reptile mules, and dress up the whole with classy jewellery.



Sometimes that little pop of colour emphasize the lack of it elsewhere. Pair white jeans and blouse, and top with a bright pink fedora, or cinch with a narrow tan belt. Accessorize with animal print heels, and paint lips and nails boldly.


Top white pleats with a slouchy shirt, or change the emphasis with a fitted tee. Think ivory for a menswear-inspired jacket and skinnies, or make like the driven snow in denim and a blazer that sprouts brown-buttoned accents. Pair wide-leg trousers and oversized sweater in white, or embellish a pale maxi with silver beads, and add a pearly faux-fur jacket. Alternatively, team a chalky faux-leather mini with matching crop for chic simplicity.

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