Dolce & Gabbana Launches Hijabs And Abayas Collection

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New year, new launch!

This week, the Italian fashion house – Dolce & Gabbana made a very smart move when launched its first collection of abayas and hijabs as it joins the luxury brands targeting Muslim fashionistas. Many of the Middle Eastern women are already customers of Dolce&Gabbana and other western fashion brands – often wearing them head-to-toe underneath their modest abayas, viewable in the privacy of their homes or among other women.


D&G already has 13 stores and boutiques in the United Arab Emirates alone, with multiple outposts across Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The collection mainly comes in black and neutral hues although there is a smattering of print. The sprinkling of abayas capture the Sicilian spirit of the house shown in the Spring 2016 collection with printed daisies, lemons, and lush red roses.




Photos Courtesy of Dolce&Gabbana

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