All the Outfits Rihanna Wore To The VMAs

Killed it, as usual.

For her first look, she wore a Hood by Air bodysuit with a pink thigh-high boots and a matching buckled up skirt and red shades.


She wore trousers over fishnet tights, a fur-lined bra top, black pumps, and a do-rag for her next look.


A black bodysuit, sweater with shoulder pads, boots up to her hips, and a fur stole made up her third change.


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She finished off the night in an Alexandre Vautheir haute couture collared gown with a grommet belt.


The night before the 2016 MTV VMAs, the star hit the club in playful fashion—a mossy green lace fringed jumpsuit that she color-coordinated with her Victorian-inspired choker and satin pumps.


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