Who will be the next James Bond?

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After Daniel Craig backed out from James Bond franchise, we can’t help but wonder who will be the next 007? A lot of eyes are on Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy replacing him, but is he the only one who can pull off that legendary role?

We’ve listed the most probable contenders.


Tom Hardy –  Too muscly and too successful. A shame because we saw in Legend that Hardy plays damaged goods almost as well as Daniel Craig. He’s spent most of his career playing louts but he’s actually pretty posh and can do suave. Those pillowy lips can certainly do sexy.


Richard Madden – We haven’t seen nearly enough of him ever since Game of Thrones‘ King in the North met his grisly end. Madden projects authority and manages to charm even when the character he’s playing is deadly serious. He surfaced for a much sunnier role in Cinderella and will be back on the big screen this year in Bastille Day, but it’s time to let him take center stage.



Michael Fassbender –  He is sexy, naughty and fit. Basically, perfect. He might think the Bond role is beneath him now though.


James Norton – A human being so handsome he kept us watching a drama about
Napoleon invading Russia for SIX weeks.


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Written by Olga Koroleva

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