Sarah Jessica Parker Launched Her New Fragrance ‘Stash’

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The 51-year-old Sex And The City star launched her new fragrance, ‘Stash’ yesterday in New York city, looking amazingly stylish, as usual, in a black floaty dress.

She started her foray in the cosmetics world with the gorgeous scent ‘Lovely’ back in 2005.

'Stash SJP' fragrance launch, London, UK - 14 Sep 2016

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: “We started working on this ten years ago, right after we launched my debut scent, Lovely. At the time, I was very interested in a genderless fragrance but it wasn’t something that people were wanting to do at the time so I waited and now we have finally done it.’

'Stash SJP' fragrance launch, London, UK - 14 Sep 2016

‘I’ve been wearing it for years but it was a working progress so I couldn’t tell anyone what it was – and now when they compliment my scent, I can tell them it’s mine and it feels great!”

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'Stash SJP' fragrance launch at Boots, London, UK - 14 Sep 2016

'Stash SJP' fragrance launch, London, UK - 14 Sep 2016

The new product is currently exclusive to Ulta and is available in 30 ml ($50), 50 ml ($75), and 100 ml ($85) sprays, a 0.34 oz rollerball ($25) and a 30 ml/$50 “Elixir” (fragrant oil in a dropper bottle). As Parker says herself, Stash calls for liberal application; keep that in mind as you choose a size.

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