Regular People Who Look Like Celebrities

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Every once in awhile, a famous look a-like takes over the Internet and stops us in our tracks. Take a look at these photos that will make you look twice.

Have we missed any celebrity look a-likes? Let us know!

Leonardo on the left and Annrud on the right


Mara was the model in Kylie Jenner’s lip gloss video, but now she’s making waves as a total doppelgänger for Angelina Jolie.


Bullied for having a bigger body than Taylor (really?!), Taylor actually met with Kietra to share some words of wisdom when it comes to ignoring the haters.



Kamilla and Kim look so much alike that Kim decided to meet her in person and the pair teased an upcoming KUWTK scene on their Instagram pages.


The Swedish 20-something is inundated with messages on her Instagram page about how much she resembles the singer.


Photos: REX

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