Leonardo DiCaprio: “Kate is My Favourite Actress!”

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Leonardo DiCaprio still loves Kate Winslet and it’s so cute!!!



Ever since Kate Winslet dropped the “I will never let go, Jack.” line she and Leonardo DiCaprio have been one of our very favorite dream couples of all times (secretly hoping they will get together one sunny day). After  19 year, Kate is still Leo’s favorite.

Kate and Leo Melted Everyone's Heart at BAFTA'S 2016.png

When asked about the actress on the Golden Globes’ red carpet, Leo said this:


After DiCaprio’s acceptance speech, he returned to his table to be congratulated by his former costar.

“She threw her arms around him so excitedly for a lengthy, loving hug,” one observer tells Us of the adorable Titanic reunion. “I could see her expression from where I was sitting and she looked so happy, like she could cry. She was patting his back and squeezing him and talking into his ear, and when she pulled away, they smiled to each other.”





Check out Leo and Kate’s best moments together on the red carpet over the years by clicking through the gallery.


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Source: 20th Century Fox via Tumblr.com, REX

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