Leonardo Danced With Margot Robbie After His Oscar Win

The 41-year-old actor was “really chill” after picking up the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for ‘The Revenant’ at Sunday’s (28.02.16) ceremony but his on-screen ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ wife encouraged him to let his hair down and have fun.


Margot said: “He’s usually just cool as a cucumber, he was really chill. I was like, ‘Let your hair down! You just won an Oscar!’. I was like, ‘let’s go dance,’ he was like, ‘OK.’ “While Leonardo was “cool as a cucumber” when he picked up the award, the same couldn’t be said about the audience in the Dolby Theatre.

Asked her reaction when her pal’s name was called, Margot, 25, told People magazine: “I screamed. I literally screamed. Everyone was beside themselves, no one would sit down, just kept clapping as he was doing his speech. It was an amazing moment.”



As well as Margot, Leonardo was also helped to celebrate his win by UK reality TV star Lauren Hutton. The ‘Made in Chelsea’ star was personally invited to hang out with the actor at a private party in the Hollywood Hills, having first met him in the Caribbean in 2014, and was “clearly his type”. A source told The Sun newspaper: “It wouldn’t be a Leonardo DiCaprio after-party without a beautiful blonde present, and Lauren was the lucky girl.


“They get on well. She was thrilled to be part of his night, especially considering how hard it was to get in. “Guards were checking the passports of every guest and being aggressive with those not on the list. But Lauren swanned through. She’s clearly his type.”


Written by Aneliya Vasilieva

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