Harry Winston’s Breathtaking Bridal Collection

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Jeweler Harry Winston is painting a portrait of a wedding day from the couple’s perspective to show how its diamonds play an integral part in the demonstration of romantic commitment. Check out the exquisite diamond collection and watch the video below. Enjoy the beauty!


Mr. Winston believed that diamonds should dictate designs, that their natural brilliance should take the lead. This philosophy led to the creation of the House’s most signature design, known as the Winston Cluster. Designed in the 1940s, this striking motif features pear, marquise and round brilliant diamonds set at varying angles to create sculptural, highly-dimensional designs that capture the light from all directions.


Handcrafted using a minimal amount of platinum, each jewel highlights the radiance and splendors of the individual gemstones, which sparkle with unparalleled brilliance. From the iconic Wreath Necklace to classic Winston Cluster earrings, each piece is an authentic expression of the breathtaking beauty of diamonds, and an enduring reminder of the House’s most honoured traditions.


A pear-shaped diamond, given prominence by two tapered baguette side stones in a delicate platinum setting. The Classic Winston setting embodies Harry Winston’s timeless elegance and signature style. The delicate details of the refined design epitomize the Winston legacy of unsurpassable craftsmanship.


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One of the House’s most iconic jewelry designs, the Winston Cluster is the ultimate embodiment of timeless glamour, and unsurpassable style. These exquisite jewels feature round brilliant, pear and marquise-shaped diamonds set with minimal metal and at varying angles, resulting in a cluster of remarkable brilliance that is synonymous with Harry Winston. 180 marquise, pear-shaped and round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of approximately 47.84 carats, set in platinum.



Shop Harry Winston’s Diamond Wreath Necklace

One of the most coveted and iconic jewelry designs, the Winston Cluster is the ultimate embodiment of timeless glamour, and unsurpassable style.


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Photos: Courtesy of Harry Winston 

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