Trend Alert: Spray-On Nail Polish

It’s official – painting your nails will never be the same again. The world’s first spray on nail polish has arrived!


Nailing a manicure no longer requires precision. The revolutionary Paint Can is the fastest way to get perfectly polished nails. This new and never seen before technique applies polish evenly and efficiently in seconds – no steady hand required. Short for time? Paint Can is as quick and easy to apply as perfume. Simply use the Paint Can to mist your fingertips (skin and all) and the polish will adhere to your base coat. To remove the excess polish, quickly wash away from the skin with water or use a cleansing wipe. And voila, perfectly applied polish in a heartbeat. Brush on a top coat for up to 4 days wear and a glossy finish.  Available in a range of must have shades.

Step 1. This part is essential – you must apply a base coat, we suggest Paint Can’s Best Friend – the Nails inc 2 in 1 Base and Top coat. Allow to dry. Or apply The Paint Can over your nail polish for a speedy colour change.


Step 2. Shake the Paint Can and from a distance of 10-15cm, spray the polish directly onto the nail area. (Cover and protect the surface you are spraying on to).


Step 3. For a longer lasting mani  (for up to four days), brush on a top coat. Allow to dry.



Step 4. With warm soapy water wash away any excess Paint Can polish from skin and cuticles. Or use a cleansing wipe when on the go. You will be left with a perfectly applied manicure.




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Photos: Nails Inc. Paint Can nail polish