The French-Girl Beauty Essentials

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We’ve looked to French women for inspiration in fashion, beauty for as long as we can remember. Gorgeous hair, perfect skin, beautiful figures and killer confidence. They are beautiful in a way that is both effortless and mysterious, we can’t help but wonder: How do they do it?


From skincare to makeup, these are the products French girls can’t live without.


Signature perfume – In France, you’re not dressed until you’ve applied your signature fragrance. Perfume is more than a mere step in their beauty routine—it is a signature, an integral part of their identity. Some iconic French perfumeries include Chanel, Dior, Hermès, and of course, Lancôme!

Try: ChanelChristian Dior,Lancome


Hair-raising treatments – For french women and specifically Parisian, good shoes and a great haircut go a long way to make you look healthier and more attractive. People notice your hair first, then your eyes and your smile, and then your footwear.


Try Christophe Robin Instant Volumizing Mist with Rose Water – Ideal for fine coloured and sensitive hair the Christophe Robin Instant Volumizing Mist With Rose Water (150ml) provides volume and body without drying out your tresses. Formulated with 96% rose water it gives natural hold at the roots whilst softening and nourishing your locks as well as preventing oxidation to keep your colour looking vibrant.



Red lipstick – Lips are like the accessory, not necessarily. That’s very French. But no lip liner, ever. They never do step-by-step – they don’t have time.

Try Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 


Smokey Eyes – The perfect way for adding a bit of drama and Parisian flair at night is effortless French smokey look. If you do smokey look, though, go for completely nude lips.


Invisible foundation – Try Dior Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup


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