Fresh and Luminous Eyes For Spring With Makeup Forever

Fresh and Luminous Eyes.png

This Spring and Summer season keep your daily makeup fresh, natural and simple, by highlighting  the right areas with Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD Concealer.


Fresh and Luminous Eyes

Apply Ultra HD Concealer under the eyebrows, to the middle of the upper eyelid and to the inner corner of the eye using a small flat brush (#202).
Make sure you blend well.



Brighten the Eyes

Choose a Ultra HD Concealer one shade lighter than the skin overtone.
Apply Ultra HD Concealer in a triangular shape under the eye. Brush #174.
Blend the concealer with the foundation to avoid any streaks.

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Highlight the Brows

Apply Ultra HD Concealer above and below the eyebrow.
Blend the concealer to avoid any streaks.



Photos Courtesy of Makeup Forever 

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