Beauty Trends You Must STOP Following in 2016

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Visible contouring: This year it’s all about light contouring, which will give you a more natural look and still sculpt your cheekbones.  Makeup should highlight and enhance the features you already have, not completely cover them up.


Sharp brows: They’re over filled in a squared shape at the beginning, and pretty much look like they were drawn on with a stencil. Your brows should always look lightly colored in, so they make you look youthful with a fresh face, rather than fake.

Eagle nails: Whether nude or colored, sharp nails need to stay in 2015. In 2016, shape your nails into a more natural look.


‘Fan-like’ lashes: Highlighting your lashes is a way to draw attention to your eyes, but it has to be done the right way or they will end up looking really fake. To make sure your lashes look natural, apply several layers of mascara, waiting a minute in between applications. Or use individual false lashes just in the corners of your eyes.



Overdrawn lips: If you already have full lips, stick to a nude lip or just use balm. A light pastel shade makes the lips look plump, and the last thing you need is for your lips to not be proportionate to the rest of your features.


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