How to Maintain Your Blowout For Seven Days

No matter how we try, we just can’t get a perfect blowout anywhere but our favourite stylist’s chair, so at least we should be able to keep that bouncy, shiny look for as long as we can. Here’s our Beauty Editor and Hair expert’s tip:

First Day: Save the Blowout

You’ve stepped out of the salon and your hair has never looked bouncier, flouncier or shinier. Don’t do a darn thing to that pretty head of yours. Commence the pretend Pantene commercial.



 Second Day: Flip It and Reverse It

Revive your slightly sad, slept-in hair with this two-step trick: Spritz dry shampoo directly onto your roots, then flip your part to the other side–instant volume. Take back control with a curling wand to add some carefree kinks.


Third Day: The Hump-Day Braid

Time to change it up and get that hair out of your face. Section tresses into a messy, unkempt plait. It’s an easy yet on-point style that works well with dirty hair. Perfection is neither necessary nor encouraged here.


Fourth Day : The Half-Bun

Sleep in Wednesday’s braid, then shake it out Thursday a.m. for a full-on mermaid mane. Use a styling powder: It freshens your roots, adds volume and creates beachiness (we love this talc-free version, which also boasts a light citrus scent). Use fingers to draw hair around the crown and wrap up a small bun with a ponytail holder and bobby pins.


Fifth Day: The Sleek Pony

Use your mane’s oiliness to your advantage and go for a super-sleek ponytail. Run a boar-bristle brush through your locks to disperse natural oils from root to end and amp up shine. Slick back into a high, sport-inspired ponytail. Finish with a smoothing balm to tame any frizzies.




Sixth Day: Knot It and Forget It

Lucky for you, greaseball, weekend hair is all about embracing laziness. Not only is this style functional for a.m. yoga, it also takes you straight into post-workout brunch; just add a few drops of a nice-smelling hair perfume. Roots still questionable? Conceal them with a printed headband.


Seventh Day: Suds Up, Buttercup

You made it: Wash day! Pretreat your tresses with a distilled apple cider vinegar rinse (1/4 c. vinegar and 1/4 c. water) to clean out a week’s worth of product buildup. Then hop in the shower and lather up with a clarifying shampoo, followed by a moisture-intense hair mask or rich conditioner.

Pretty female standing back and washing her long hair