Alexis Bittar: Accessories That Will Transform Your Look

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Alexis Bittar is  described as “One Of The Greatest Jewelry Designers Of The 21st Century”.

Women's Dress Spotlight, February 2015

He went from hawking his wares on the streets of New York, to selling his eponymous jewelry collections in more than 34 countries around the globe. Equal parts wearable art and ‘40s Bakelite-inspired accessories, Bittar’s vision had staying power. To this day, each piece is hand-carved, hand-painted, and hand-polished before landing in Alexis Bittar boutiques and department stores around the world.

Check out some of our favourite pieces from his Summer 2015 Collection. Enjoy!


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Visit and Shop Alexis Bittar



Visit and Shop Alexis Bittar

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Written by Michelle Forest

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