How to Wear A Jumpsuit

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If you haven’t yet you must decided to take the plunge into jumpsuit territory.

They’re incredibly easy to wear, and require very little maintenance. By that I mean, you can literally wear a romper and no other clothes and be set. But if you’d like to inject a little sense of style into your romper/jumpsuit outfit, then you should check out these style combos. They’ll help bring your outfit to the next level of chic.

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Black & Gold: This classic black jumpsuit is updated with a gold embellished neckline, drawing the eye up towards the face and, thus, elongating the figure.  Paired with black strappy platforms with a gold trim, this look is ultra glamourous.



Jumpsuits for Evening: Jumpsuits are becoming more and more popular as evening wear these days, with celebrities such as Rihanna and Kristen Stewart even opting for jumpsuits on the red carpet. A great jumpsuit is a modern alternative to a gown and looks equally as chic with strappy stilettos, red lipstick and a sexy hairdo.

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Draped Wool: This jumpsuit almost looks like a two piece suit that has been sewn together, giving it a wonderfully sophisticated, classic feeling.  It’s made modern by rolling up the sleeves and trouser hems, and more feminine by adding platform wedges and a bright red clutch.  The perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

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When it Doubt, Go Black: This black jumpsuit is cut in a genius way such that it looks like you are wearing a black shirt with black trousers.  It’s all about the fit and the way it hangs on the body.  Pair it with other classic accessories and it’s a great work-appropriate piece with a fashionable twist.

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Written by Aneliya Vasilieva

Editor In-Chief of Fashion Style Magazine, Aneliya Vasilieva is an international fashion editor and stylist. She edits and styles looks that enhance brand positioning and messaging and owing to her fashion experience and remarkable taste level, she has become well known in the fashion world. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail and professionalism are qualities she brings to corporate styling projects for many clients in the industry. She also consults for brands across the luxury and high street sectors, advising them on digital editorial strategy. Aneliya has a great perception of fashion and beauty, of what’s happening on the runways and the street, and a keen sense of how to create dynamic images for her readers. Aneliya’s life includes trips to Paris for fashion shows, meeting with stylists, photographers, and designers.