How To Upgrade Your Working Girl Wardrobe

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You’re standing in front of your open closet and wondering why you don’t have anything to wear. Sounds familiar?

You’re not alone, if you’re a woman at least.


A recent study has shown that the average woman spends about $104,000 on clothes in a lifetime. Yet 60% of women still feel like they don’t have anything to wear. That’s a bit odd, right?Even though most of us have a closet that’s overflowing with clothes we don’t feel like we own enough clothes. But the problem isn’t really the amount of clothing that we have, it’s more likely the type of clothing. You might have a full closet, but not very many staple items.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.22.32 PMInvest in a Sleeveless Coat

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Pick 1-3 High Quality Brands That You Love

Pick brands that offer high quality clothing. You’ll be wearing your basics a lot so you want them to last long and feel great. Also don’t be shy to pick brands that you’d usually find a bit over your budget, we’ll talk about a way to get your clothes cheaper in a minute.Make sure that the brands you choose fit your fashion taste. You shouldn’t pick a brand solely on pricing and quality, you need to enjoy the clothes they offer or otherwise you’re never going to wear the pieces you buy. That would defeat the purpose of our mission.


Only Keep Pieces that Fit You Perfectly

You’ll never want to keep an item that you don’t feel fully comfortable in, whether it be because of it’s material, style or fit. If you do you’re not going to wear it and you’ll end up tossing it out after a year of trying it on and hanging it back into your closet.


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