Grace Kelly’s Timeless Style

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Grace Kelly is the epitome of classic style and grace. Upon becoming the Princess of Monaco, she was the poster for elegance with admirers located globally.

Grace Kelly (1950s)

Grace Kelly (1950s)

Princess Grace was born, Grace Patricia Kelly on November 12th 1929. At the age of 20 Grace headed into the acting world appearing in New York City theatrical productions as well as more that forty episodes of live drama productions until October 1953 with the release of her first feature film Mogambo and with that she became a STAR with a golden globe and academy award nominations following in 1954. It was in 1956 that Grace Kelly married Rainier the third and became affirmed as official royalty.


Grace Kelly is renowned because of her timeless style, which has influenced many recent stars, including Kate Middleton. In 1955, Grace Kelly was on top of the Best-Dressed list. She was surprised when she heard about it. According to Grace herself, she remained faithful to her favorite dresses and wore them for a long time.


”If there is one thing that is foreign to me it is shopping for pleasure. On the other hand, I believe that it is right to honor all those who create beautiful things and give satisfaction to those who see me wearing them.”



Grace Kelly was the client of the best couturiers of her time: Marc Bohan at Dior, Coco Chanel, Cristobal Balenciaga, Hubert de Givenchy. Her love for Hermes bags, her Cartier diadems and her turbans, had made these fashion items legendary.


In 1956, a photo of Grace Kelly, carrying the Sac à dépêches bag by Hermes to shield her pregnant stomach from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Photographs of her covering her stomach bulge with her hallowed Hermès were splashed all over the world and made it onto the cover of Life magazine. Thus, the company renamed it the Kelly bag, and it became hugely popular.

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